Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Coming Soon

Hi Folks,

I had some time to work on Downtown, this time there will be visual updates ... I had the chance to get fantastic interieur and textures for the game. I made some Screenshots for you ... stay tuned, it should be done soon.

I am sure, regular player get the idea what might be new. This are only two locations with changes, I have a lot more material to add, so be curious ...


Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Dirty 30s

Hi Mafiosi,

some changes in Downtown 1930s Mafia. There is a "Tell A Friend" Button in the game now.
Please tell all your friends about Downtown 1930s Mafia. Or embedd a link to the game on your website.

I added much better buttons now and changed the colors.
No more sepia. I promise! I could not see this vintage style anymore. Downtown 1930s is a time travel, we don't look to it as if it is in the past. We can see and play it as if it is now. So, fresh colors, it is lively now.

A good introduction to a site, which introduces us to the feeling of the "Dirty 30s".

Paper-dragon has build a web sourcebook about this area.
We get a wide variety of information about automobiles, music, guns and machineguns in the 30s.

Or did you know that a "chicago typewriter" was another term for "tommy gun" in those days? (I am sure you know that the tommy gun is a machine gun.)

This and more about the 30s slang you will find on that famous site.

Visit the paper-dragon site!

If you don't see the changes in downtown, clear your browser cache and reload the game, as this is no mandatory update.

Thats it for today!

Enjoy the game!


Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

New Downtown Video

Hi friends,

if your friends ask you, what is this downtown game, you are playing all the time, just show them this:



Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Car Reflections

A lot of time passed since the last update here,
so one could think, nothing changed.

But there happened a lot on the director shockwave player. We where testing a few new features together with the adobe director developpers.

The first new graphical feature you can see is reflections on the cars.

There will come more features the next weeks, so stay tuned.

If you can't see the reflections, please clear your browser-cache and reload the site.



Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

125 years automobile

Last weekend there was a party in Berlin. 125 years automobile was the topic. 1200 cars from all decades and countrys could be seen.

Here are some samples.

This how most of the oldtimers look like before beeing recreated:

A famous Mercedes Benz 540 k:

A Büssing D2 from 1934. I had the chance to take a tour with it, was really great. Very loud inside the bus.

A Ford with nice advertisments:

Have a nice day !


Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Location of Downtown

So i started to build downtown, I did not want to copy a city of a game. So I digged through old pictures, searched for pictures with the name "downtown" and finally found this:

The area is named downtown skyport. It was amazing for me to find this picture. New York had a skyport for private planes in the 30s. It was located at the end of Wall Street. So the long street in downtown could be seen as wall street, the crossing street is called South Street. The skyport was between pier 11 and 12. Here is another picture of the downtown skyport:

So the location of downtown is obviously somewhere in a city similar to New York. I would name the city where downtown is a port of maybe Empire City. New York ( the state ) was called in the past often empire state.

Thats it for today,


Montag, 16. Mai 2011

How it began

The shooter "Mafia" by Illusion Softworks is one of the most impressing games for me.
Story, the city, the 30s, the cars ... what to say , it is a masterpiece.

But it has no multiplayer. So I had the idea to make my first multiplayer game inpspired by mafia. I am no modder, so I had to create all the textures, buildings, characters, cars on my own or with help. Some assets also where free or I bought them. I made downtown in my sparetime, as I have no funding for the game.

To make downtown typical like an american city, I made a lot of research. Here is my favorite New York Site.

Well, but back to the start. Click here to visit one of the first tests of downtown. It had a chat, but you could not see other player character.

I hope you enjoy this timetravel.

have a nice day


Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Welcome to the Downtown 1930s Blog!

Hi Downtown 1930s family,

I am happy to see you here on this blog.

Downtown 1930s is the work of mainly one person. I tell it at this place to clarify it. There are NO other sites or people involved in making it. But Downtown had a few very helpfull supporters in the past.

I am also known in the forum as "hansigansi" or "nimda", but that is all. If someone in the game tells you, he is admin or whatever, don't believe it. If I am in the game, I call myself starry. There is NO other official site in the web for this game. So far, there is also NO facebook site for this.

The official site where downtown 1930 is hosted is my gamesite

Now something about my very cool supporters. Some are not active anymore, some are still.
So, Big Thanks to Al Corleone, Darren, Johnny, Kraehaktiv, Frucade, Schreibtisch and Victorzie, to name the most importants. Also thanks to my friends of mafia the game, in their forums you can read a lot about the history of downtown 1930s from its beginning.

My friends of are big supporters of the game by linking to it on their site. Thank you, 3doyunlar.