Montag, 16. Mai 2011

How it began

The shooter "Mafia" by Illusion Softworks is one of the most impressing games for me.
Story, the city, the 30s, the cars ... what to say , it is a masterpiece.

But it has no multiplayer. So I had the idea to make my first multiplayer game inpspired by mafia. I am no modder, so I had to create all the textures, buildings, characters, cars on my own or with help. Some assets also where free or I bought them. I made downtown in my sparetime, as I have no funding for the game.

To make downtown typical like an american city, I made a lot of research. Here is my favorite New York Site.

Well, but back to the start. Click here to visit one of the first tests of downtown. It had a chat, but you could not see other player character.

I hope you enjoy this timetravel.

have a nice day