Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Location of Downtown

So i started to build downtown, I did not want to copy a city of a game. So I digged through old pictures, searched for pictures with the name "downtown" and finally found this:

The area is named downtown skyport. It was amazing for me to find this picture. New York had a skyport for private planes in the 30s. It was located at the end of Wall Street. So the long street in downtown could be seen as wall street, the crossing street is called South Street. The skyport was between pier 11 and 12. Here is another picture of the downtown skyport:

So the location of downtown is obviously somewhere in a city similar to New York. I would name the city where downtown is a port of maybe Empire City. New York ( the state ) was called in the past often empire state.

Thats it for today,