Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Welcome to the Downtown 1930s Blog!

Hi Downtown 1930s family,

I am happy to see you here on this blog.

Downtown 1930s is the work of mainly one person. I tell it at this place to clarify it. There are NO other sites or people involved in making it. But Downtown had a few very helpfull supporters in the past.

I am also known in the forum as "hansigansi" or "nimda", but that is all. If someone in the game tells you, he is admin or whatever, don't believe it. If I am in the game, I call myself starry. There is NO other official site in the web for this game. So far, there is also NO facebook site for this.

The official site where downtown 1930 is hosted is my gamesite

Now something about my very cool supporters. Some are not active anymore, some are still.
So, Big Thanks to Al Corleone, Darren, Johnny, Kraehaktiv, Frucade, Schreibtisch and Victorzie, to name the most importants. Also thanks to my friends of mafia the game, in their forums you can read a lot about the history of downtown 1930s from its beginning.

My friends of are big supporters of the game by linking to it on their site. Thank you, 3doyunlar.