Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Dirty 30s

Hi Mafiosi,

some changes in Downtown 1930s Mafia. There is a "Tell A Friend" Button in the game now.
Please tell all your friends about Downtown 1930s Mafia. Or embedd a link to the game on your website.

I added much better buttons now and changed the colors.
No more sepia. I promise! I could not see this vintage style anymore. Downtown 1930s is a time travel, we don't look to it as if it is in the past. We can see and play it as if it is now. So, fresh colors, it is lively now.

A good introduction to a site, which introduces us to the feeling of the "Dirty 30s".

Paper-dragon has build a web sourcebook about this area.
We get a wide variety of information about automobiles, music, guns and machineguns in the 30s.

Or did you know that a "chicago typewriter" was another term for "tommy gun" in those days? (I am sure you know that the tommy gun is a machine gun.)

This and more about the 30s slang you will find on that famous site.

Visit the paper-dragon site!

If you don't see the changes in downtown, clear your browser cache and reload the game, as this is no mandatory update.

Thats it for today!

Enjoy the game!