Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Gas Station and Vending Kiosk

Hi Friends,

today I want to present two new buildings. It is a special honour for me, because these buildings firstly where shown in the famous online 3d city "Dark City" from Greg Lippert. Dark City was made with the plugin "blink3d", but blink3d is discontinued and that is why Dark City is not online anymore, too.

I always dreamt to use parts of Dark City. A few weeks ago I contacted Greg and he allowed me to use Dark City items. As he did not have any files I had to ripp Dark City from openGl cache. It is still a looot of work to rebuild models which are ripped, but I hope to be able to show a lot of Dark City. Maybe one Day I can rebuild the whole city.

The Gulf Station is a complete rebuild, as I wanted to change a few details to make the station closer to the original station, which still exists.

Original Station

And here is the fantastic and atmospheric vendor kiosk.

I dont know, if the kiosk is a fictional building, but I really love to have it in downtown.

Thats it for now folks!


Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Pictofun Games

Dear players,

thank you so much for supporting the game in summer. We had a loot of users during the days. Sometimes we had more than 140 visitors at the same time in all rooms. That means we had up to 6000 visitors per day.

A big thank you to my friends from Gry, a polish gamesite with an enormous amount of the newest 2d and 3d games. Thank you for supporting Downtown 1930s !!!!

I change a lot in the interface, so it is more convinient to play. You don't need to type commands and just can click "ignore" to get a list of players you don't want to talk with.

Further commands are buttons to switch between classic and the pro mode.

And we have a link to our new gamesite pictofun games. We will show you a lot of cool games there in the future.

See you there


Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

New Gameplay and Bodyzones

Hi dear Players,

New Gameplay

We have two kinds of gameplay now.

Classic Game is the old game as you know it with save zones in the bar or now also in shops.
Classic has the old hit model, too. So around five hits until you are dead.

Pro Game has no save zones. Fighting everywhere. Headshot hits more than hitting the body. 
Pro Game supports Bodyzones:
So far around 4 hits killed a person. You could hit 4 times the feet and he was dead.
I changed it to this model:

Head:                high impact

Upper Body:    medium impact

Legs:                low impact

This is a good moment to say thanks to our friends from Gaming Zone Online France. They are promoting and supporting our game downtown 1930s on their high quality game site. Merci !!!

Thats it for today


Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Cars with sound now !

Hi Folks,

long time no news, but I worked at on several minor updates. The newest update is sound for the cars. So if you drive around, the cars have the sound of oldtimer engines now.