Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Gas Station and Vending Kiosk

Hi Friends,

today I want to present two new buildings. It is a special honour for me, because these buildings firstly where shown in the famous online 3d city "Dark City" from Greg Lippert. Dark City was made with the plugin "blink3d", but blink3d is discontinued and that is why Dark City is not online anymore, too.

I always dreamt to use parts of Dark City. A few weeks ago I contacted Greg and he allowed me to use Dark City items. As he did not have any files I had to ripp Dark City from openGl cache. It is still a looot of work to rebuild models which are ripped, but I hope to be able to show a lot of Dark City. Maybe one Day I can rebuild the whole city.

The Gulf Station is a complete rebuild, as I wanted to change a few details to make the station closer to the original station, which still exists.

Original Station

And here is the fantastic and atmospheric vendor kiosk.

I dont know, if the kiosk is a fictional building, but I really love to have it in downtown.

Thats it for now folks!